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Elders & Overseers


We hope everyone who worships with us will feel part of a nurturing community.

It may be helpful to know whom to approach about pastoral and spiritual matters.

This page introduces you to those people who currently serve as Elders and Overseers with a responsibility for our spiritual and pastoral care.

How We Care for Each Other

There are no priests or ministers at a Quaker Meeting. The task of running our Meeting and taking care of each other belongs to all of us. To help with organisation there are roles to which local Quakers are appointed for a limited period, usually three years.

Elders have responsibility to nurture the spiritual life of our worshipping group and the individuals within it.

Overseers' pastoral care helps build a community in which everyone feels accepted and finds opportunities for service.

Elders would be glad for you to get in touch if, for example:

  • You would like to know more about how Quakers worship.
  • You would like guidance on reading, study groups or some one-to-one time for you to explore spiritual questions.
  • You would like to ask about Quaker weddings, funerals and memorial Meetings.
  • Or child naming Meetings for Worship.

Overseers would be pleased to hear from you if, for example:

  • You would like to know about our policies and practices for caring for children within our Meeting.
  • You, or someone else in the Meeting, needs extra support when, for example, someone is ill or recently bereaved.
  • You wish to discuss something that is causing you to feel uncomfortable within our worshipping community.
  • You would like advice on applying for funding, or bursary help, to attend a Quaker event, such as a course at Woodbrooke Quaker College in Birmingham.

How to Get in Touch

Elders from the top

Andrew Greaves - andrew.j.greaves@gmail.com 

from the top

Jenny Cozens - jenny.cozens@gmail.com
Nigel Barnes - ngbarnes@icloud.com
Sarah Greaves - sarah.a.greaves@googlemail.com 

Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Jenny Cozens - jenny.cozens@gmail.com    

General Enquiries

If you would like to receive news of our Meeting please contact hexham.quakers@hotmail.co.uk with a request to be put on our emailing list. You can also visit our website at www.hexhamquakers.org.uk

Financial Contributions

The Society of Friends (Quakers) depends on voluntary contributions to run its Meetings and do its work.

Please contact our Treasurer - Howard Maskill - for details. maskillh@yahoo.co.uk


Our Elders

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